Greek Forclosures – Obama’s Homosexual Buddy


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    Greek Forclosures

    The new levy will provide a boost to Greece’s budget revenues by rolling several taxes into one, but is also seen as harming the economy’s expected rebound next year, driving dented property prices further lower.

    By targeting revenues of some 2.6 billion euros per year, the law imposes a tax on residential housing, commercial properties, vacant property lots, farms and sports fields. At the same time, it slashes property transfer taxes by more than 50% and offers discounts to those who prove they cannot afford to pay it.

    In September 2011, after facing a budget shortfall just months after receiving its first bailout from international creditors, Greece imposed a real estate tax that it placed on electricity bills and is collected by the country’s power company.

    Known as the haratsi, the tax has become one of the most unpopular measures Greece has undertaken in its bid to improve its fiscal health. Greece is now replacing this tax with a new one, which effectively shifts the tax burden onto the assets of tax payers rather than just assessing the income of those possessing the property.

    Obama’s Buddy

    The arrest of a prominent Portland gay rights advocate and Obama fundraiser provides a glimpse into the seedy private lives of some liberals and gays.

    omosexual activists pretend to seek “marriage” in order to undermine the society’s heterosexual norms, but in really the majority of gay males seek promiscuous sex, preferably with youths.

    On Wednesday, Terry Bean, 66, a Portland real estate developer who donated a million dollars to the gay “Human Rights Campaign” was arrested on charges of sex abuse in a 2013 case involving a 15-year-old boy.

    Bean will be charged with two counts of sodomy in the third degree, a felony, and sex abuse in the third degree, a misdemeanor.

    Bean has also been a central figure in national Democratic politics. As Willamette Week reported in June: “No Oregonian has raised more money for President Barack Obama. At a 2009, Human Rights Campaign dinner, Obama called Bean a ‘great friend and supporter.’ The president in 2012 hosted Bean on Air Force One, and when Obama visits Oregon, Bean has had the honor of greeting him as the president gets off his plane.”

    Bean’s Flickr account shows him talking with Obama at several events, posing with first lady Michelle Obama and numerous other political figures, including former President Bill Clinton. At 4:22 p.m., Bean bailed out of the downtown Portland jail, posting 10 percent, or $5,000 of his $50,000 bail, according to jail records.
    olice began investigating Bean after a former lover, Kiah Lawson, 24, accused Bean of hiding a camera in the fire detector above his bed and filming their sex acts, and those Bean had with many other men. Bean tried to keep the allegations secret and made a $40,000 settlement with Lawson, which fell through.

    Last Will and Testament

    Section 2 is the heart of the British Columbia Wills Variation Act. It provides that where, in the court’s opinion, a will does not make adequate provision for the proper maintenance and support of the Deceased’s spouse or children, then the court has discretion to vary the will to make the provision that it believes to be adequate just and equitable in the circumstances.

    The claimant does not need to prove financial need in order to be successful in a wills variation claim. Our courts have turned away from a financial needs-based approach since Walker v. McDermott [1931] SCC 94. In that decision the Supreme Court of Canada majority ruled that in deciding the question as to what is adequate provision, the court should proceed from the point of view of the quotes judicious father of a family seeking to discharge both his marital and his parental duty”.

    This approach was upheld in the modern day decision of Tataryn v. Tataryn [1994] 2 SCR 807 where McLachlin J (now the Chief Justice of Canada) clarified the moral duty concept and observed that in applying the BC Wills Variation Act “the search is for contemporary justice” (p. 815)

    Over the decades, our courts have gradually settled the proper considerations concerning s. 2 of the British Columbia Will Variation Act . The relevant principles were succinctly summarized by Satanove J. in Clucas v. Clucas BCSC A9732988.

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