Vice steps up its game in their ongoing war against anonymous

The company Vice, a subsidiary of Fox news, stepped up its game in their ongoing war against the anonymous collective. After claiming anonymous is dead, they are now using ex anonymous activists and supporters against the allies of the collective.

Recently, Barrett Brown, a former anonymous supporter and now a Vice employee, joined CNN and other mainstream media in their attacks against the whistleblower website Wikileaks. This website has traditionally given and received endless support within anonymous. 

After taking a job at Vice (recently bought for 5% by Rupert Murdoch’s Fox News) the journalist has chosen the path of war against his former allies. In a livestream video he posted on his personal Facebook, Brown speaks out against the whistleblower website.

Less than a week after Vice declared that anonymous was dead, something they did only 2 days after thousands of anonymous activists marched on the streets in London as part of #OpVendetta or #MillionMaskMarch, the company has clearly decided to increase its efforts to attack the anonymous collective and its allies. And it recruited Barrett Brown for this. No doubt paying him a lot of money to do so.

Years ago, Vice became the subject of debate among anonymous, when they started collaborating with two other well known figures within the collective, Dan Stuckey and Hector (Sabu) Monsegur. The latter no longer needs an introduction but Dan Stuckey is one of the people behind the largest anonymous Twitter account (@Youranonnews). This Twitter account became most famous for being involved in what is now known as the biggest theft within the anonymous collective causing the disappearance of $34,709 in donations and profit from merchandise.

Shortly after the theft, the account was taken over by Dailydot journalist Dell Cameron and Dan Stuckey of Vice, and other account operators such as Nicole Powers, Gregg Housh and lawyer Tor Ekeland were locked out of it.

The @Youranonnews editor and Vice journalist Dan Stuckey was photographed at a Vice party together with Sabu, the former anonymous hacker who turned in to an FBI informant. While activists and hackers were being arrested all around the world, the friends were partying like never before. Eventually they started to photograph themselves while getting drunk in a hottub. Visible on the picture below.

So now Barrett Brown has joined the team. And we wonder if money was the only motivation, or that the recent subpoena from the United States Justice Department against his former employer The Intercept had something to do with it. Just weeks ago the subpoena to acquire all communications records and information on payments made to him for his regular columns that he wrote, while in federal prison, caused some uproar. Was Barrett Brown pressured by the DOJ to act against his former friends or is he merely an opportunist? Decide for yourself.


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