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Unhinged feminist and Teen Vogue writer praises Nancy Pelosi for 8-hour monologue


Teen Vogue writer Lauren Duca applauded Nancy Pelosi for the Senator’s ability to prattle non-stop for 8 hours Wednesday.

Pelosi’s inability to shut her mouth so impressed the self-proclaimed ‘man-repellent’, Duca unloaded an F-bomb.

The irony in Duca’s tweet is that yesterday was International Day of Zero Tolerance for Genital Mutilation-a day when feminists of the first rank should jump at the opportunity to defend their womanly parts as they do when discussing abortion, for instance, or wearing the both stylish and functional ‘pu**y hat:’ the “Confederate Flag for White Feminists” according to Tamela J. Gordon at Medium.

Hillary Clinton wrote to Duca in June rendering the latter an instant boot-licker.

Duca took heat for the exchange with Clinton even from some who consider themselves “feminist allies.” One user, who claimed he enjoyed Duca’s work, wrote that he couldn’t support the tweet because he had a young son. “That’s not a message I can get behind,” he wrote, prompting Duca to retort, ‘wake me up when men are obsolete.’

I reached out to Duca for comment but got no response.

Domestic duties? Nah.

Duca seems to relish playing the fool. She got in over her head in December 2016 when she tried to attack Tucker Carlson on his own show and paid for it.

Pelosi’s filibuster style ramble targeted the earlier passing of a Senate funding bill that did not provide protection for DREAMers–a ramble that put Arizona Representative Doris Matsui to sleep, twice. Check it out.

Pelosi’s speech was wasted breath–8-hours worth as the Senate still hasn’t reached agreement on DREAMers. Lefties en masse seem to be experiencing that ‘sinking feeling’ as the DNC is coming apart under its old, crusty members who have the memory and attention span of a gnat.