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Trump the feminist? ICE and DHS reach out to women for jobs in immigration enforcement


For all their rhetoric on Trump the ‘woman-hater’ lefty media has apparently passed on a golden opportunity to report that the president’s top immigration and security departments have reached out to women who might be interested in a ‘challenging and rewarding career in law enforcement.’

The application to join a webinar outlining details of the gig is available at surveymonkey.com and notes:

In partnership with the U.S. Department of Homeland Security Office of Academic Engagement, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) will host a webinar for college and university student and recent graduate women interested in pursuing a law enforcement career at ICE. This webinar will feature a panel of female special agents and deportation officers who will share their experiences in law enforcement and career paths at ICE.

Twitter reactions were mixed with many supporting the effort.

Lefties, as they’re prone to do, whined.

A large number of ICE agents are Hispanic women. So when Twitter users like the one below makes an ignorant racist comment, they’re slandering Hispanic Americans.

According to the ice.gov website more than 4,800 gang members were arrested in 2017, and cracked down on the ultra-violent MS-13 gang leading to nearly 800 arrests, an 83% increase from last year. ICE also heads the effort in the fight against drug trafficking that contributes to the nation’s deadly opioid epidemic. Special agents seized approximately 3.5 tons of heroin and more than a ton of the deadly drug fentanyl.