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Shadow Brokers Offering Latest Vulnerabilities, Exploits Subscription Services

The subscription offers the latest exploits for Windows 10, web browsers, routers, handsets, SWIFT network data, and compromised network data from nukes and missiles programs.


The hacking group Shadow Brokers made a name for themselves in the world of cybersecurity by presenting the world with ransomware attacks. However, the Shadow Brokers have come up with a new proposal for those interested individuals who are willing to throw in some cash.

The group states they will now offer their subscribers further services, which will update them with the latest exploits and hacked information on a monthly basis.

The group further mentioned on their Steemit page they will offer vulnerabilities related to web browsers, routers as well as zero-days for Windows 10.

The Shadow Brokers further stated they will provide additional dumps related to SWIFT and provide information related to Russia, China, North Korea and Iran’s nuclear program.

Many experts speculate that the WannaCry outbreak that used an exploit in its code to spread, has given the world a demonstration that these people are not here to play games.

Currently, the true motivations of the Shadow Brokers are unknown. They might be in this for fame, or simply doing this to gain the repo in the cyber security world; or they simply want to make cash on their future data dumps.

However, the subscription service is another attempt by the group for selling large amounts of data and top of the line cybersecurity weapons that the group hacked from the NSA’s Equation Group, and is willing to sell everything to any interested individuals.

In the past, the Shadow Brokers tried to auction powerful cyber weapons and vulnerabilities to buyers via an auction. At the time they demanded more than $300 million in cryptocurrency.

Then they decided to take a different step. They offered some information they hacked from the NSA on Zero Net, from prices ranging between $9000 to more than $200,000. The hacked information contained major Windows vulnerabilities such as the Server Message Block and SMB exploits, something that helped spread the WannaCry ransomware.

However, their Zero Net tactic did not attract the crowd, and they gave away as many as sixty Windows exploit tools.

In a recent announcement by the Shadow Brokers, which was published on their Steemit profile, they stated that people are not using their services because they think it’s a fraud. But the recent WannaCry outbreak that affected more than one hundred countries has given credibility to the Windows exploits released by the Shadow Brokers.

It still remains a mystery as to how did they got access to the NSA troves, whether it received help from the inside or they’re talented in developing malware and finding zero-days. The malware and the flaws the Shadow Brokers have offered until now are linked to the NSA, and they have said they still have more than 50 percent of the agency’s online weapons.

Even though this claim has yet to be verified, the WannaCry demonstration and other data dumps the group has made in the past makes it difficult for experts to underestimate it

Source: The Hacker News, Steemit