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Media stoops to new low with coverage of North Korea at Olympics


For reasons that aren’t explainable, the American mainstream media has been obsessing over the North Korea and their cheer squad of over 200 “Army of Beauties” who were chosen based of their looks and loyalty to the regime.

This is a regime that is so oppressive it starves its people, tortures those who defy its leader Kim Jong Un, and forbids its citizens of nearly all basic human rights.

But the media had no problem doing the regime’s dirty work this weekend at the Winter Olympics and promoting Kim’s propaganda for the world to see.

NBC’s main Twitter account uploaded a video of the North Korea cheer squad dancing and wrote, “This is so satisfying to watch.”

They have since deleted the tweet, but The Federalist’s Sean Davis took a screenshot of it before they removed it.

The New York Times even constructed an entire article claiming Kim Jong Un’s sister, Kim Yo Jong, had “outflanked Vice President Mike Pence in diplomacy.”

The Federalist reporter James Hasson uploaded screenshots of how nearly all of the American mainstream media outlets have given glowing reviews and profiles of the North Korean cheer squad this weekend.

CNN literally published an article claiming Kim’s sister was stealing the show at the Winter Olympics. The sister of a brutal dictator who runs a communist regime is apparently an icon, according to CNN’s misguided logic.

While the media is fawning over North Korea’s propaganda, it’s vital to remember children are forced to watch public executions in North Korea against those who defy Kim’s regime.

Prison camps in North Korea have been compared to those found in Nazi, Germany during World War II. Women are being forced into horrible conditions, and a vast majority of the entire country is forced to eat grass to survive in Kim’s brutal dictatorship.

But the liberal media won’t report that because they are far too impressed with Kim rolling out his cheer squad who can clap in tune with one another.

This is why no one trusts the liberal media any longer.