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CBS models new crime-drama after dishonored former AG Holder


Former Attorney General Eric Holder had a public service career tailor-made for a TV drama.


The Obama appointee who supported the Black Lives Matter assault on law enforcement will serve as Executive Producer of CBS’s “Main Justice.”

According to Deadline:

Written by Sascha Penn (Survivor’s Remorse) and executive produced by Holder and Bruckheimer, Main Justice was inspired by Holder’s life and work. Centered around the U.S. Attorney General, the show takes us into the tumultuous world of the 5th floor of the Department of Justice where he takes on the biggest legal and investigative cases in the country all while being the youngest person to ever hold such an esteemed position.

As a Deadline commenter wrote, “Corrupt Justice” is more accurate.

He was dirty, and often circumvented the Constitution for political reasons. To reward a hack like Holder, who USNews deemed one of Obama’s worst 5 secretaries,  with his own program is ludicrous and it’ll be a miracle if it makes it past the pilot.

Holder left Washington in 2015. He faced a Contempt of Congress citation in 2012 for not complying with a Congressional subpoena on Operation Fast and Furious, the program that allowed illegal sales of guns so they could be tracked. The program was a disaster and Holder lied to try and cover it up. Mexican drug cartels gained access to and used the firearms to kill Mexican citizens and American Border Patrol Officer Brian Terry.

He also refused to conduct a criminal investigation of Lois Lerner and the IRS’s targeting of conservative nonprofit organizations; Holder employed radical lefty activists, embedding “politically leftist extremists in the career ranks who have an agenda that does not comport with equal protection or the rule of law, who believed that the ends justify the means; and who behaved unprofessionally and unethically,” according to a former employee at the DOJ.