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Bette Midler: Let’s beat up Senator Rand Paul again


For some Hollywood liberals, violence is the answer.


As Washington was hammering out a deal last week to keep the government open another couple months, washed-up actress Bette Midler thought that another beat-down of Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) would have sped things up.

Paul was doing yard work last November and wearing headphones when his neighbor went ballistic for the way the Kentuckian stacked twigs on his own property.

Rene Boucher was charged with felony assault on a member of Congress a few weeks ago. Though Paul’s attacker signed a federal plea agreement, no date has yet been set yet to accept his guilty plea, NBC News reported.

Regarding the budget deal last week, Midler tweeted:

Many Twitter users didn’t appreciate ‘The Rose’s’ calls to assault Senator Paul.

And here I thought Bette Midler passed away a few years ago. Apparently only her career is dead.

Midler wasn’t the only one who called for round two.

Back in 2012 Donald Trump tweeted:

Ugly on the inside, too. Nice going, Bette.