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Thanks to 12 street artists, downtown Las Vegas is now a place of vibrancy and color.

Credit: Okuda

58 people died and nearly 500 people were injured in Las Vegas’ recent mass shooting, but that hasn’t dampened the spirits of locals and tourists. To show that Vegas really is strong, twelve street artists from around the world joined forces to decorate downtown Las Vegas, and their art is extraordinary.

Working in collaboration with the  Life is Beautiful Festival, the creator and producer of large-scale art events Justkids commissioned creatives to bring street art into the “original” downtown Las Vegas area. This is the fifth year in a row Justkids has been curating the project.

As MyModernMet reports, many of the works are murals that make ordinary buildings “pop” with vibrancy and color. Some of the pieces were highly technical, such as Spanish artist Okuda’s piece that incorporates 2D as well as 3D work. His rainbow-colored painting, entitled Rest of the three Graces, sits near his 16-foot sculpture of a sitting creature called the Smiling Bear King. The piece is so big, it reportedly took six weeks to ship to the area.

Okuda wasn’t the only artist who transformed the downtown area. 11 other talented individuals, including Faile, Felipe Pantone, Kevin Lyons, Broken Fingaz, Mau Lencinas, Morag Myerscough, This is my b world, Luzinterruptus, Fafi, Bicicleta Sem Freio, and Zest displayed their work in the Freemont area.

Following are photos of their unique collaboration:

Credit: Okuda

Credit: Pantone


Credit: Morag Myercough

Credit: Morag Myercough (at night)

Credit: Mau Lencinas

Credit: Mau Lencinas

Credit: Mau Lencinas

Credit: Broken Fingaz

Credit: Broken Fingaz (detail)

Credit: Kevin Lyons

Credit: Kevin Lyons (detail)


Credit: Faile

Credit: Fafi

Credit: This is my b. world

Credit: Zest

Credit: Zest

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