Water is a great soul purifier. It is the central component of many religious and spiritual beliefs such as baptism and holy waters. It is a central part of our daily lives. Water cleanses our wounds, washes away our sins, tearsrings us release, and we use it to sustain all life. Because it is so important in our lives it is only natural for us to use it to help us feel relaxed and calm. Meditation using water, such as a garden water fountain, can help us wash away our negative thoughts and emotions and restore our state of peacefulness.

We can attain a state of purity as we use water to cleanse our minds. Meditation with water can help us wash away unkind thoughts and resolve difficulties. Using a garden water fountain can create a gentle and natural balance to a person’s energy. Meditation can help cleanse our physical, mental or emotional pain. Sit in front of a garden fountain. Breath deeply and slowly. Let yourself relax and feel free to flow with the water. Let the water wash away obstacles in our spiritual, mental and emotional life.

Water is necessary to all life. It is essential to all aspects of our life. It is the central part of our being. It symbolizes purity, clarity, and calmness. Meditation in front of a garden fountain can cleanse our minds and wash away unwanted obstacles. It can be practiced anytime amid the stress of our daily life. Water is helping us obtain a balanced emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual life.


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