Originating in Europe and Asia, the propagation of the carrot has spread around the world because of its tasty flavor and easy growing nature. Little did we know that the carrot is also a high-powered nutritional food that optimizes 3 key bodily functions that keep you healthy and as alert as a rabbit.

Perhaps that’s why famous cartoonist, Chuck Jones, chose this perky creature for his “Bugs Bunny” character. Bugs Bunny went on to popularize the humble carrot because of the positive character attributes he showed and appeared to owe to the fact that he ate nothing but carrots!

Bugs Bunny was always positive in an entertaining, even cocky kind of way, and made famous in his Brooklyn accent, the question, “What’s Up, Doc?”

Bugs Bunny displayed incredible energy and possessed amazing powers of vision, that could get him out of any tricky situation. He had so much energy, he could even function magically as he slept, navigating high atop a skyscraper construction site while stepping, and turning with perfect timing, on girders and swinging beams, to avoid calamity in his famous sleepwalking scene.

Bugs Bunny was miraculously invincible and could bounce back from any disaster he encountered with ease, his gangly body springing back in perfect nimble form every time.

All because he appeared to eat nothing but carrots!

Now of course, there are many things you love to eat between carrots, but here are three reasons why you should include carrots as a regular part of your daily diet to live a healthy, happy life.

Reason # 1 Improved Vision:

The carrot has huge amounts of carotene, which is metabolized into vitamin A when ethen, and dramatically improves vision.

Reason # 2 Optimum Resilience:

The carrot also possesses outrageous amounts of antioxidants which maintain robust health in people, and bunnies who eat them. Because of the ability of antioxidants to rejuvenate cells for optimum resilience to damage, carrots help the cells in your body fight disease and sickness.

Reason # 3 Increased Energy

Carrots are rich in dietary fiber, carbohydrates, and minerals, which give fuel to the body that can be used directly as you eat them for high power energy through the day.

Because they are high in fiber, carrots provide an efficient digestion of food in your system for healthy regular bowel movements which facilitate the ability of your body to get rid of its toxicity. Free of toxicity, your body can run on “all cylinders” to give you that alert, perky feeling all day long just like Bugs.

You may not become a rabbit by eating carrots, but they will give you the speed of a rabbit by enabling your muscles to operate at lightning speed and power when needed.

Now that you know the three amazing things a carrot can do for you when you eat it every day, you’ll know why the carrot is so humble: it can rock your world, so it does not have to brag!

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Michael Woron

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