The awakening of a new hope in a beggar boy

This is a story of a boy who I saw begging in corner of a busy road. After seeing his plight, I thought I would narrate his story because though he was in abject poverty and shaken by daily chores of humiliation, there was an irresistible desire to survive. I felt that it is the “desire to continue with the live” makes you defiant and insulate from the storm of illnesses of poverty.

He was born in an unknown road and he did not know if he had anytime full meal, or bathed leisurely or had a clean cloth to cover him. His brothers would say his birth had brought misfortune to the family and forced everybody to begging. He does not know name of his father, for that matter, his mother. He would cast a doubt if her mother a real mother as he had never seen her relaxed and happy but perennially abusive to him. He is not the youngest but the ugliest of all of his family, slightly deformed that make him for presentable for begging. He was bullied and always pushed to do begging all the day while his brothers took off. Amid shrieks of passing vehicles, unrelenting fumes and dust all around, he stood alone in a Traffic signal of a busy junction to earn a few paisa for his family.

He had sometimes felt that he was “invisible” to others and to dispel the fear, checked it against his shadow against the sunlight. Because, more often than not, as he stood beside the tinted glass of shining cars in the momentum to beg, the lucky insiders always stare beyond him, denying his presence, as if he was not there. He would sometimes laugh at that feeling and feel from his heart if all those who are the poorest of the poor could remain invisible, freed from daily cruel chores of daily life and from the Society for whom their worth could perhaps be as numbers in the official statistics.

Today, he got up, as usual, with fear in his face to unfold and counter another day of life with deep despair and uncertainty. His only friend Tilki, a skinny black but faithful dog, came close to him, wagging tail, for food. Sometimes, he would confide his deeper feelings to Tilki. His mother has cleverly drawn a mustache in his face with black ink and has given him a small broken drum to beat. She thought he could draw more attention to stopping vehicles at the Traffic signal and motorists and gain more money today. However, that was not the case. Since morning, his face with new hope and tiring hands of beating of drum stopped by the close of the day in vain. Despite shouting and begging, he found the same “stoic” and dull faces around. He knew that the easy atmosphere inside the cars have suddenly ended with his presence. Standing at the corner of the road, he felt that the love and compassion had died. The world around them is cruel and challenging. His mother, who was quite hopeful for some extra earnings, watched me nearby with deep sorrow and he could see tears in her eyes.

Likewise other days, he came almost empty handed. He sat on the muddy ground to take a bite of an old and soiled biscuit. Then he saw ants running here and there with tiny pieces of his biscuit pieces that fell As he observed deeply, he realized that each and every creature on the earth have a purpose in their short life, notwithstanding their size and vulnerability. He compared his life against those who are more vulnerable and incapable to defend their survival. That sense of confidence to fight to live began to flow in him. He felt comforted after so many days. As night began to silence the atmosphere, still hungry and dejected, he drowned himself to sleep for a better and happy tomorrow.


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