Your ego means what exactly? You know the me in ego takes all the creditability of living among your fellow men. It is okay to be happy being you but do not let the ego get in your way to prevent you from loving your fellow man.

I have had friends that the only thing starts the ego running is a money drive and they do not care if they are hated or not looked up to because their only priority is getting the almighty buck.

There is an old saying you can not take it with you so what the hay enjoy and use what you need and leave some for the rest of us. I am happy when I get the bills paid whereas some people think they need to own three or four homes. We need to understand if we are healthy and happy we can make it with what it takes to get on top with our marketing.

Never underestimate your value the ego takes us a long way getting our self-esteem up so we can value the people we know and help others along the way.

When shopping special people come up to me and grab my arm and tell me what is on their mind and when they are through they release me and I go on my merry way. They did not need to hear a word from me they just need to have someone to listen. This is a time that you know you are a special sponge of a person that is always there for the special ones.

Sometimes you are afraid but then you know there is something on their mind and you are the valuable one to them and you are helping. Always give out the vibes that people are special and they will see through your ego and be happy you are there for them.


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