It may seem like an amazing claim, but it is really not that unusual to actually be able to lose 9 lbs in 11 days, particularly when you first start a diet. The key to losing this much weight, keeping it off and also continuing to lose more weight is to make sure you stick to the food plan. And that’s best achieved by sticking to a simple program that you can follow every day.

Some diets make it easy to lose weight quickly because the meal plans are simple to follow and not overly involved. Does not it seem true sometimes that you just have to think too much about how to follow the diet in the first place? You either have to become a mathematician and count every single calorie and figuring out what proportion of fats you need to eat with what particular proportion of carbohydrates or protein, or you have to suddenly become the world’s greatest cook. It is usually just too much work and too big a departure from your usual routine and so you are set up for failure from the get go.

But it is possible to follow a plan that does not require all this extra work. I prefer diets like Fat Loss 4 Idiots because all I need to do is enter the foods that I actually like to eat and then I just follow the meal plans that the online diet generator gives me for each day. And each of the daily plans are so simplified that I usually do not worry about cooking specialized meals and such.

Keeping it simple is often the best way to go and it will help you make sure that not only will you drop those promised 9 lbs in 11 days, but that you will continue to stick to the plan and lose weight during the weeks to come as you work on achieving your weight loss goals.


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