Are you interested in getting the benefits of resveratrol, without drinking a liter of Spanish red wine every day? Supplements will allow you to do that. Drinking that much red wine is not good for your liver anyway. Why would it be necessary to drink that much?

Spanish wines have the highest resveratrol content, but one liter only provides 12.59 mg. The studies that have been con- ducted concerning the antioxidant’s cancer and heart disease preventing effects were conducted using quite a bit more than that. The better supplements provide 20 to 50 mg as a daily dosage for healthy individuals. Higher dosages may be recommended for individuals with specific health problems.

When you are shopping for supplements, you should be sure the manufacturer lists the amount of trans-resveratrol that is present. The percentage in the extracts varies from five to 50 percent. Obviously, 50 percent is preferred. The manufacturer should also include an enteric coating. Otherwise, you will not get any of the benefits of resveratrol. Researchers have shown that stomach acid negatively affects the antioxidant. If it is to make it into the bloodstream, it needs to be protected from the acid and make it to the upper intestine, where it can be absorbed.

Researchers have also shown that the resveratrol content in the bloodstream does not go up much after people drink a glass of red wine. The blood content is a little higher when food is consumed along with the wine, usually because the food absorbs much of the stomach’s acids.

The bottom line is that the best way to benefit from resveratrol is to take it in supplement form. You just need to choose the right supplement. The better supplements provide the benefits of resveratrol, which are primarily prevention of cancer and many age-related diseases, along with the benefits of green tea, ginkgo biloba, alfalfa, bilberry, black cumin, ginger and grape seed. The best ones contain over 70 bio-active ingredients, including the standard vitamins and minerals you need every day, if you want to continue to enjoy good health.

Some people say supplementation is unnecessary. They say you should be able to get all of the nutrients you need from the food you eat. I do not know about you, but I’m not crazy about alfalfa sprouts, and my grocer does not carry bilberries. I’m not a fan of black cumin as a spice. I only use ginger occasionally, and most people do not eat ginkgo biloba or grape seeds.

I want the health benefits of resveratrol and all of those other things. So I take a good supplement. Why not do as much as you can to stay healthy?

I eat right, exercise daily, watch my weight and avoid carcinogens whenever possible. But breast cancer is common among the women in my family. Researchers say genetics is one of the factors. Among the benefits of resveratrol is prevention of breast and prostate cancer. That’s also a benefit of green tea. Maybe you should consider supplementation too.


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