With all the fast food restaurants around it’s no wonder people are getting a little larger around the waist. Food from fast food restaurants are high calorie and full of trans fats. It’s these trans fats that are causing obesity and other health issues for many people.

Humans are only supposedly to take a certain amount of fat every day to maintain a healthy body. Men need a little more than women, but generally people have a lot more fat in their diet than they think. One big mac from McDonalds has enough daily fat for an adult male. This is shocking considering some people have more than one in a single visit. By eating two big macs you have ateen double the recommended dietary intake of fat for the day. Many people do not realize this and continue to eat more fat than their body can handle.

It is also important to understand their different kinds of fats. Good fats and bad fats. Fats from things like peanut butter and olive oil are good fats and can be beneficial to health. Of course they should not be ate in excess but included in a healthy diet.

Exercise is also an important factor when regulating daily fat intake. The two may seem unrelated but in fact they are. The more exercise a person does the more fat they can have daily without harm their health. When a person exercises, their metabolism is increased and the body needs more fuel. A sedentary person would need less fat per day than an active person.



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