A clean and tidy home is a joy to live in, but a cluttered and messy house is depressing and down right embarrassing. Daily clutter control is vital to keep your home in an organized and presentable state, so you do not ever have to feel bad when some one wants to come over. Using simple techniques and changing some basic habits can make your house easier to clean and maintain. These three tips will give you some good ammunition in your daily war against a cluttered home.

  • Divide and Conquer. Do not try to attack an entire room all at once. You have to break the work up into little bite size chunks. If you set many small goals, rather than one large one, you will benefit every time you complete a little section. This boost will get you to the finish line, and a clean house much faster and happier than trying to tackle the monster problem all at once.
  • Less is Better. Problems with clutter are often due to simply having too much stuff. One of the easiest ways to help this is to quit buying things you do not need. Removing extra nick knacks, donating some of your children’s unused toys or parting with surplus magazines will help you control the daily mess, and also make dusting and other chores easier. Simply put, less junk is less junk you have to deal with.
  • Stay the Course. This is probably the most important part to staying ahead of the mess. When you keep up with things on a daily basis, it can never really get out of control. When things slide for days at a time, the problems really start to build up. You do not have to make one big push everyday. Throughout your day, you can spend five minutes here and ten minutes there working on straightening things up. This will help make the job easier to handle, and not feel like a huge burden every day.

When your house is tidy and in order, you will feel like a real winner. Keeping ahead of the clutter by controlling it daily is the best long term strategy. The simple but powerful steps will help you stay on top of your homes cleanliness, and bring joy back to your beautiful home.

Shock: Most people have a clutter problem. There are three things you can do about your messy house:

  1. You can ignore it, and keep on feeling bad about yourself.
  2. You could set it on fire, but that might get you arrested.
  3. You can choose to deal with it, and begin to enjoy your home again.

Source by Austen Seekabow



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