The reason that life is such an underdeveloped skill for most people is not because they can’t or won’t learn, but simply because no one has offered to teach them.

Our level of success in life has everything to do with the skills that we develop. The greater your skill level in any area of life, the more successful you will be in that area.

We see examples of this all the time. A skilled businessman makes more money, skilled carpenters built better houses and skilled cooks make tastier meals. Almost everything we do in life requires some type of skill. Even people with natural abilities still find it necessary to further develop their skills.

The reason we have public education is so that children can learn basic skills like reading and writing. Nobody expects a child to just be able to read and write without someone to teach them, and developing these skills takes time. In fact the government has decided that 12 years of mandatory education is necessary just to develop these basic skills.

All of us are glad that we know how to read and write. In fact it would be difficult to function without those basic skills. I think that it would be reasonable to say that such skills are vital for a productive life.

There are however, other skills that are just as vital. These skills have a direct relationship on the quality of our life, our relationships, and our sense of joy and accomplishment.

What are these vital skills?

These are skills such as the ability to set and achieve goals, the ability to recognize a problem and create a strategy to overcome it, or the ability to communicate effectively with others.

As vital as these skills are for a happy and productive life, they are not included in a person’s basic education. Schools don’t teach goal setting 101, they don’t offer classes on intelligent decision-making or problem solving.

These are the very skills that can have a profound effect on the quality of our daily life. They are also skills that are seriously lacking in most people’s lives. Once we recognize the value of such skills, then we realize the importance of developing them.

To develop these Advanced Life Skills involves the same process as developing any other skill. First we need to find a teacher and then we need to practice. Both of these are actions steps; developing any skill always requires action.

I am convinced that the reason billions of people feel trapped in a life full of limits and frustrations is this, they have never been taught the simple skills that have the power to transform every aspect of their current reality. If you feel that your life is lacking in meaning and purpose, If your want to reap greater rewards while truly enjoying your life, I encourage you to continue pursuing your education in Advanced Life Skills and personal development.


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